On Mon, 1 May 2000, DOUGLAS KOLLER wrote:

> Does political rhetoric in your country play this card?  Is there
> "un-Dutch", un-French", "un-Argentinian", "un-Swedish", "un-Danish"....
> behavior?  How is it codified (by which I mean, what prized views of your
> country is it supposed to be antithetical to?), and what is the push-button
> term in your various languages? "osvensk"?

I'd say not at all - we're rather self-deprecating in nature, and
'typisch Nederlands' (typically Dutch) isn't a compliment at all.
Sometimes some commentator stands up and says in public that we should
appreciate our Dutch culture more, and he (or she) is hooted away...

On-Nederlands - no, I haven't ever heard it being used except as a

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