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>Today's has an article on "Incubus," which is probably the
>only full-length film (a fantasy horror story about demons) where the
>dialogue is entirely in a conlang.  To wit, Esperanto.

There's also "Angoroj", shot in France about the same time. I never saw it
so I'm not sure it was a full-length film though. We had "Incubus" on TV
one month ago in France (unfortunately, it was on Canal+, a crypted
channel, and I don't have it :( . I can ask some friends of mine who happen
to be Esperantists, I'm sure they have recorded it, if someone's

>Even better, it starred William Shatner.  Before Trek.
>Hmm...  Incubus, Esperanto...  Probably the next major film to feature a
>conlang was the Trek movie which first used Okrand's Klingon, and which
>also starred Shatner.  (I forget which one actually had Klingon in it)...
>Eerie coincidences.

Indeed :)

>I'm waiting for the Lojban version of Buckaroo Banzai, myself. :)


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