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Rioting in alternative histories!  Yay!

> Would the Federation have left it at that or gone on into Persia to smash
> the Empire at its heart?
I think you would need leadership that recognises that a future
resurgent Persia would threaten the Federation.  Either Persia would
need to be pacified or a buffer zone created.

Does hellenization occur in the Middle East and Central Asia?  If there
wasn't I would question whether the Abrahamic religions as we understand
them could have come into existence.

> Such a Hellenic Federation, it would seem to me, would be less likely to be
> interested in northern Gaul or Britain than the Romans were, so Gallic
> could've survived in northern Gaul (tho I think the English model would
> suggest that it eventually the Frankish German dialect would've established
> itself there).
Maybe Northern Gaul would have been the equivalent of Roman Age Ireland,
picking up the trade it wants from the Federation but ensuring that it
stays outside of its hegemony.  It might have peacefully become
hellenized rather than being conquered forcefully.  A vassel state
rathter than a province.  The British in this history might not be
dependent on imperial forces to protect them and might have kept the
Angles out.

> Oh yes, and in this world, there'd have been no Brithenig either ;)

No, but there might have been a Brythonic language with a Anglo-saxon
superstrata spoken across southern Britain.

- andrew.
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