Raymond Brown wrote:

> >There was an organization called FICOB, the Federation of Independent Catholic
> >and Orthodox Bishops, an umbrella organization for bishops
> >and archbishops that have the A.S. but are in schism for one reason
> >or another.  FICOB is now defunct,
> Hopefully because the reasons for the schism are healed.  I would dearly
> love to see a healing of the schism between my Church & the Orthodox
> communities before I leave this world.

I think the administration just broke down.  Something calling itself
the Church of Antioch (in fact a U.S. organization)
ran FICOB as an umbrella organization for
unaffiliated bishops.  I don't think that most of them were in
*doctrinal* schism particularly, just for one reason or another
autocephalous.  Some are Utrecht Jansenists, some are Old
(i.e. anti-infallibilist) Catholics, some are Tridentines;
some are liberal, some ultra-conservative.
A motley crew.  More at .


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