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> > Konkani, one of the official languages of India, spoken in the state
> of Goa,
> > and by ethnic Konkani Brahmins everywhere, has no script.

It uses several scripts, I believe. Also has variant dialects.

> usually use
> > Devanagri or the language of the state where they live. I've even
> heard
> > someone say that Latin is used.

Yes, Latin script is used, largely in and around Goa.
There are several such dictionaries available. I have

> Don't know much more about it.
> Konkani is a Dravidian language, right?

No. It is IndoEuropean.

> Why not use a Grantha script
> like Malayalam?

A form of script similar to Marathi is, I believe,
the most widely used.

> And we got ENOUGH languages written in Latin script
> already.

Your goal seems to be diversity per se. Yet that
means that technology will run against it.

> (the thought of writing Abkhaz or Kung in Latin script really
> scares me, and I thought Vietnamese was troublesome enough...)
>  Danny