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>Here it is an interesting translation exercise I'm authorized to cross post.
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>> <<Nobody remembers the names of ants.>>

Jarrda: Thlos enrlra lgak pagi.

thlos    en-reol-  ra  loag-ag-0   pag-i
remember no-person-ERG call-VN-ABS ant-GEN

(The word for "name" is derived from the verb "to call, to name" in

Tirelat: S'mu shuwan m xath o pak.

s  mu   shuwa-   n    m  xath o  pak
AGE none remember-NARR PAT name of ant

Tirelat has a mandatory evidential suffix on verbs. The -n suffix is what I
call the "narrative" form, used to make a statement without asserting a
truth value (such as when telling a story). The word "pak" is, in fact,
borrowed from Jarrda, as are a good number of the other Tirelat words for

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