Christophe wrote:
>No need to warn the French, the virus has made the headlines of many of our
>newspapers today, and yesterday and this morning all the News programs
>spoke about it. I'm sure they're gonna talk about it again tonight. It's
>quite a major issue...

Same here in Denmark. I think it hit several European countries pretty

I also recieved this from since I'm a clinic subscriber:

VBS/LoveLetter.worm arrives via email message with the
subject line "ILOVEYOU". The text reads "kindly check the
attached LOVELETTER coming from me.", and the worm is included
in the attachment, called "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs".
This worm attempts to send copies of itself through
mIRC to the IRC channels and through Outlook to all address
book entries.

VBS/LoveLetter.worm also attempts to download and install an
executable file called WIN-BUGSFIX.EXE, a password stealing
program that will email any cached passwords it finds to the
mail address [log in to unmask]

I don't know if that email address just given is a real one or
not. But what would happen if we all crashed into that mailme
address? Perhaps it is possible to get back at that little
devil for ever creating such a monster.


-kristian- 8)