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>Some were named because the founders with delirious or crooked:
>Antelope Valley -- no antelopes in the area ever
>Lake LA -- not in LA, no lake (developers promised to build an artificial
>but backed out)
>Palmdale -- not a "dale", no palm trees.  Local folk lore says they
>Joshua Trees were palm trees, which shows that they had never seen palms.

Hah, so that's how all those places got their names.

However, Antelope Valley may have been named after the Prong Horn
Antelopes that are native to California. There's a town near here called
Elkhorn, because it's near Elkhorn Slough, which might have been named
after the Tule Elk that were common around here until most were hunted.


 The rattan basket criticizes the palm leaf basket, still both are full of