John Cowan eskrÔremš:

> Then there's the tourist who saw several warning signs on the motorway
> for the town of Loose Chippings, but somehow never came to it....


...und Nik Tailor eskrÔremš:

> What are Loose Chippings?

Loose chippings are the council's way of telling you to get your car

It's a cheap way of resurfacing a road when the council can't afford the
cost of re-laying tarmac; instead, they put down tar and then spread little
stone chippings on top. There are always lots of loose ones which get thrown
up by tyres, damaging paintwork, windscreens, livestock etc for weeks
afterwards. Plus of course it's done in summer, so the tar melts in the sun
and gets everywhere.

The warning sign "Loose Chippings" is normally accompanied by the suggestion
that 15mph is the speed limit.

Reminds me of my friends who went to France, got lost and then passed a sign
saying "Rappel", which they then spent ages looking for on the map... until
they got to another village called Rappel.


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