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> >>Roy McCoy wrote:
> >> > Don Harlow wrote:
> >> > > Where did you get the idea that UEA was a monopoly? SAT, LF-Koop and
> >> > > perhaps even the ERA would take exception to this, though all of them
> >> > > have different philosophies than UEA.
> >> >(interesting stuff cut)
> So by and large, UEA provides _no_ services that can't be gotten elsewhere,
> either no more expensively or less expensively. Again, I fail to see how it
> can reasonably be defined as a monopoly.

Well how about this scenario. A supranational governmental organization (or some
sort of idealistic NGO) is interested in carrying out a small-scale research
project on the efficacy of Eo vs. English in multi-lingual work settings.

Where will they go for pre-project info-gathering?

My guess is sooner or later (more likely sooner) they'll wind up at UEA. What would
they find there? I'm not being smart here (wild understatement) I'm curious, would
they get information that would convince them to go ahead or would they decide the
whole thing was a waste of time?

Any thoughts?

mike farris