In reading this week's posts, unfortunately, it appears that the recent
pattern of hostility and denigration of list members appears to be starting
back up again.

Question:  do we as a group wish for this to continue, or would we prefer to
not have it at all?

If not, I'd hope that the first step, would to be able to clearly define
what type of behavior is that is the problem (not  "who") so that any
standard that gets established can be fairly and impartially applied in the

Because of the known situation, I will entertain offline, private comments
from anyone who is interested and all such private comments as well as the
identities of who wrote them will be kept strictly confidential.

I have consulted with Nick on this subject and there are some options
available, including a few that are short of simply banning an identified
offender from the list.

-Hugh    NED "fern planting" horticulturalist