Well, things are finally a bit quieter on the anti-virus homefront;
time to start to get caught up here...

Back on 5/3, Strike wrote:
> On Thursday, May 04, 2000 8:24 AM, Hugh Huntzinger wrote:
> > The boat ride seems to have been just what I needed to
> > clean out ... although it quickly left me drained; low
> > blood sugar and all of that.  I ended up doing two dives
> > and bagged the third.
> You're a bad lad!  Theoeretically, (just IMO), you should
> have called the dive! (Violent illnesses and stomach disorders
> tend to dehydrate the system - a prime cause of DCS!)  :-)

Agreed, although I've probably misstated how I was feeling.
I had been doing well to stay hydrated prior to the dive and
when the purging event finally came, I didn't really lose much
fluids at all...twaz pretty much just what I had put down in
the prior hour and not enough that I'd be concerned about
introducing a concern about DCS risks (that came the next day,
when the bowels finally started moving).  It was the overall
loss of energy and being cold on the 2nd dive that prompted
me to end that one a bit short and then call the 3rd dive.

> > I doubt that I would have been as successful without Ray's
> > firsthand go-get'em demonstration.
> Ray's certainly got this uncanny knack for finding things,
> hasn't he? :-)

He certainly does.  I'd better start planning on setting up to
shoot more macro photography than usual this fall on the Brac :-)

> > Any "whatzit" ideas on what this critter was?
> It wasn't some kind of Frogfish, was it?

I looked it up in Paul Humann's Reef Fish ID last night; of
the few (~2)choices listed, I'd pick the Spotted Batfish;
their sizes (one was ~10", the other 15+" long) and depth
(90fsw) both fit with what the book listings.

I've also found an image of the Roughback Batfish at URL:

and while this is a different species that seems to be found
in deeper waters, this critter looks quite similar to what I
saw and has a better overall illustration versus Paul's book.

Its hard to describe the general weirdness of this critter in
how it looks like each of the 'wings' looks like a 2nd (& 3rd)
mutant body & tail that's attached behind the head.

> Hugh.  I enjoyed reading about your dive. Thanks!  :-)

Its nice to have finally been able to wrangle the time
to get out and go on a dive.