Hiya Huw!

Glad to see all is well on your side. Can't wait to make it down.  All's set
for the end of December baring some crazy unforseen circumstance.  Looking
forward to it, and to diving with you again I hope.


>From: Huw Porter <[log in to unmask]>
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>Subject: Re: Huw Porter is now Hostage in Oz.
>Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 08:54:33 -0400
>David Strike <[log in to unmask]> Wrote:
> >Just a quick post to say that the peripatetic, Huw Porter has
> >now made it to
> >Oz and today has dived at Shelly Beach with Julian - and seen a
> >Weedy Seadragon!
>Julian found the Weedy Seadragon and the Lionfish, and managed to pat the
>Blue Grouper, but I claim finding the Wobbiegong! :-)
> >despite using Force Fins, (mind you, they were black!)
>That's my guilty secret out, then! :-)  I'm not going to claim improved air
>consumption or swimming like a fish or anything, but they work fine for me
>and have three great advantages for a travellin' diver - they are nearly
>indestructible, don't weigh much and are small enough to neatly fit in a
>rucksack (British backpack)! :-)  If I ever join Techdiver I'll buy a pair
>of Jetfins first, promise! ;-)
> >- that he should stay for a while! Certainly
> >until Tricky and I get back from the ADEx Show in Bangkok and
> >can bung on a
> >BBQ where we tell him some 'true' Tall Tales about diving in
> >Oz!) :-)
>OK then, I'll stay! <g> Looking forward to it!
>Thanks everyone (particularly Julian :-)) for an enjoyable dive on a lovely
>morning - see you all soon for the next one! :-)
>BTW - Tim-tams were all they were promised to be! :-)
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