Hi Gang,

Dived this morning (Thursday) at Shelley Beach with Huw Porter and my buddy
Dave Pearce.
Water Temp. 19C (it's getting cool now...time to break out the hoods and
Sea....dead flat.
Viz....15 meters +
Bottom time 60 minutes.
Max. depth 12 meters.

Didn't get the chance to dive with Huw last week so a mid-weeker was in order.

In the drink around 11am and greeted by a large mass of sting-less jellyfish.
Further out we encountered all the usual Shelley Beach critters and with the
good conditions, we headed for Dragon Patch. Arriving at Dragon Patch, Dave
spotted a lone Sea-Dragon and we paused for 5 minutes so Huw could have a good
look. Ventured a little further on scouting for Wobbegongs or perhaps a Port
Jackson, but no suck luck today.

At the turn around point, we encountered on of the largest schools of
Ladder-finned Pomfrets we have ever seen and mixed in amoung them were
Yellowtail, Pike, Blue Groupers, Sweeps and the odd Leatherjacket. Shrimps
scurried across the bottom under rocks and we all noted the vast numbers of

Dave located a very dark colored Butterfly Cod and I found what appeared to be
a Butterfly fish, a tropical species looking somewhat out of place amoung the
Bleenies and other "familiar" critters we normally see.

Coffee in the parking lot after, a chit-chat, and a very enjoyable morning out.


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