Hello from Kwajalein,

A couple of months back I asked some questions about what to pack for a
long term
out of country assignment. I took the job and some of the advice an now I
am here
(after a 3-week stop in Hawaii). Here is the US Army missile range on the
  Atoll in the Marshall Islands. I am located a few degrees above the
equator and Just to the left of the International Dateline. I can see the
Prinz Eugen from my back yard with a good zoom lens and a low tide.

Now for the important part, the diving.  As a long time Florida diver (18
years in Destin, FL) and lots of trips to the South, Keys, Bonaire,
Cayman... I was familiar with the sea life. Wow what a difference the
Pacific makes. After the first snorkel from my backyard (while waiting for
in the rest of my dive gear located in my 3 bags lost by the air line
coming from Hawaii)  I found that I need some new fish/coral/shell id books.

The shallow reef out back contains more than I had expected (and at 82
degrees it feels much better that the 74 degree water I had in Hawaii). The
shallow reef extends out 50 yards from shore to the first drop off. The
center of the lagoon then drops to a few hundred feet.  There are a large
number of WWII wrecks to be investigated.

The local puddle-jumping plane that leaves here makes a couple of stops
before Truk (Chuuk?). I have never been that interested in wreck diving but
with this opportunity that may have to change.

I have posted a couple of above water shots from my digital camera on my
web page and I will soon add some more with a little faster load time.  The
local photo lab does not process slides for civilians but they will provide
the chemicals for me to do it myself. As soon as I do some practice rolls
above water I will get up the nerve to try some of my underwater stuff. By
then my scanner should be here and I can start posting some UW stuff.

Tom Gibson