Hi folks,

I just had one of the great experiences of my dive

On a particularly stressful and long business trip to
Sydney, I was contacted by Strike and Birdo and
invited to a Saturday a.m. dive at Shelly Beach.

I hopped on the Manly Jet Cat (a fast ferry) at
Circular Quay, climbed to the top deck, and noticed
that one of my fellow passengers was carrying a pair
of Force Fins.  Huw Porter!

We traveled to Dive Centre Manly together, where we
met John Bird and the rest of the Saturday morning
dive crew - unfortunately, Strike is off in Bangkok,
and did not join us.  We then car-pooled to Shelly

The dive was lovely - water 19 C, visibility about 10
meters (?), shore entry very easy.  We cruised along
at between 3 and 12 metres, and saw some very
interesting fishies.  Blue grouper, wrasse, lion fish,
scorpion fish, wobbegong shark, and....  WEEDY
SEADRAGON!  What a beautiful creature.  I stopped and
studied it as it was feeding, just drifting, watching
and enjoying.

The post-dive celebration in the parking lot involved
hot coffee, and Tim Tams and was enjoyed by all.
Jonathan (another list member) took some photos to
immortalize the occasion, and I expect that they will
show up on someone's website soon.

I want to thank everybody for a lovely dive, and a
wonderful morning.  This one dive really made my whole
visit to Sydney.  It was great to meet some of the
names on the list, and to be made so welcome.  Thanks

I return to Montreal today, and we will being our
local dive season shortly.  Drop by and dive with us



Brian Gelfand<BR>Montreal, Canada

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