G'Day Mon!

I've been suffering here for two weeks already!
Calm seas, warm water (up to 83F now) ... DIVING
everyday of course. :-)  4 more to go.  <sigh>

The 100,000 starfish-dive between Punta Sur and
Maracaibo turned out to be a non-event because
those damned starfish all LEFT, apparently in a
migrational march.  While no starfish has ever
been cited for speeding, they can nevertheless
cover quite a bit of ground in a week!  ;-)

Another event that didn't materialize was a 3-tank
(all day) dive on the East Side.  I read about it
in the Blue Book (Guide to Cozumel) in March. John
Nitrox found the webpage (which I hadn't seen)
that described the Sunday-only Special dive.

Since my mention of the Castillo Wall and the
Virgin Wall in one of my earlier posts, "I'm not a
sucker" Joe Childs showed up with a 1997 copy of
the magazine in question, in search of the Virgin.
:-) It turned out his BS guide <G> Pedro found him
only ONE of several supposed "virgins", and he bit
hook, line, and sinker. :-))

5/14/00 was a memorable day for da Feeesh, a long
awaited day of the 1,000th-Cozumel-dive.  Months
before the Coz99NEDfest, I had thought I MIGHT
reach the 1,000 Coz-dive mark during the NEDfest,
but that turned out to be a tad too optimistic. It
wasn't until nearly a year later, that the event
took place, and ONLY because I've been in Coz for
over 50 days since last July. :=)  There now hangs
a shinny gold chain, not hidden, on a black coral
branch, BELOW 1.4 PP (sounds better this way, to
the PP-pedants :-)), at the Palancar Cave site,
for at least a year or if someone finds it ... :-)
On the other hand, it's more probable I'll reclaim
it a year from now.  Let it be said that if anyone
gets hurt looking for it, blame it on Darwin (NOT
the one who is owner of the Equalizer shop :-)).

Other miscellaneous tidbits in Paradise:

The USD which went below 9 pesos in March, and
below 9.3 all year, made a leap to 9.45 last week.

There is a brand new Playa Sol (new location, new
pier, new everything) for surface interval stops.

Two ships will be sunk in July for wreck diving.
One on the North side, and one near the Balones.

The Annual Fishing Tournament was held 5/13-14.
The result seemed decidedly fishy, Mexican style.

Adios, amigos.

-- Bob.

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