On April 29th there was a diving accident in the Blue Hole in Dahab -
Egypt, Red Sea.  The diver who died was Yuri Lipsky.  There was some
conversation about the accident in the Israeli diving forum and one of the
participants asked his friend - an Egyptian instructor or DM who works
there, about it.  This is the Egyptian's mail (I didn't snip anything):


>Dear Ben

>Yes I do know by details what happened. As this Russian
>guy came to my diving center the day before the

>He is a Master Scuba Trainert PADI with all licences that
>PADI ever issued.

>He started talking to me aboout how great he is as a deep
>diver and he made dives to 69M before and he want to make a
>video about Blue hole.

>I told him that he should take Tech diving course then he
>can do that but he egnored me and said he can pay up to
>400$ for the duive. I told him straight that he is going to
>kill him self.

**** Note: I admire the guy for turning down 400$.
**********This is a lot of money down there  -  Kuty.

>He went and asked other F.Head how started showing of about
>him as a great deep diver and also refused to let him to do
>the dive not for saafetty but because he is no good as a

>So the Russian kept on asking every buddy till he found
>another stupid guide.

>He went for the dive with 8 KG of weghits and arround 45 KG
>of camera equipment using a normal BC that was not working
>very good.

>when they hit 20 M as the video was going U can hear the guy
>is loosing controll shooting down using his underwater
>beeper and screaming, the camera nad lights was attached to
>him with no quick releases, the BC over pressure release
>didnt work and the BC exploded in the video you can hear
>that he was strugling to go up but no way.

>his buddy ( stupid guide) saw him so he panicked and shooted
>to the surface.

>they went 2 days after to recover his buddy.

*****(I think he meant body -  Kuty).

I think that this mail is quite educating.