Hi Kuty, thanks for sharing.

As you know, having dived the blue hole (very conservatively),I know what a
difficult dive it is.  But it's so beautiful and deceptive that I can see
why someone would want to go further and beyond their boundaries.  This
diver sounds like he didn't know what the hell he was doing.

Very sad.  And the guide that took him down has spots on his hands for the
rest of his life.


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>Subject: A diving accident in the Blue Hole - Dahab,Red Sea.
>Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 14:15:35 -0100
>On April 29th there was a diving accident in the Blue Hole in Dahab -
>Egypt, Red Sea.  The diver who died was Yuri Lipsky.  There was some
>conversation about the accident in the Israeli diving forum and one of the
>participants asked his friend - an Egyptian instructor or DM who works
>there, about it.  This is the Egyptian's mail (I didn't snip anything):
> >Dear Ben
> >Yes I do know by details what happened. As this Russian
> >guy came to my diving center the day before the
> >accident.
> >He is a Master Scuba Trainert PADI with all licences that
> >PADI ever issued.
> >He started talking to me aboout how great he is as a deep
> >diver and he made dives to 69M before and he want to make a
> >video about Blue hole.
> >I told him that he should take Tech diving course then he
> >can do that but he egnored me and said he can pay up to
> >400$ for the duive. I told him straight that he is going to
> >kill him self.
>**** Note: I admire the guy for turning down 400$.
>**********This is a lot of money down there  -  Kuty.
> >He went and asked other F.Head how started showing of about
> >him as a great deep diver and also refused to let him to do
> >the dive not for saafetty but because he is no good as a
> >diver.
> >So the Russian kept on asking every buddy till he found
> >another stupid guide.
> >He went for the dive with 8 KG of weghits and arround 45 KG
> >of camera equipment using a normal BC that was not working
> >very good.
> >when they hit 20 M as the video was going U can hear the guy
> >is loosing controll shooting down using his underwater
> >beeper and screaming, the camera nad lights was attached to
> >him with no quick releases, the BC over pressure release
> >didnt work and the BC exploded in the video you can hear
> >that he was strugling to go up but no way.
> >his buddy ( stupid guide) saw him so he panicked and shooted
> >to the surface.
> >they went 2 days after to recover his buddy.
>*****(I think he meant body -  Kuty).
>I think that this mail is quite educating.
>                    Kuty

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