On Mon, 15 May 2000 19:32:01 -0400, fast-foot-in
in-the-mouth "Daniel L. Crawford" wrote,

>That would have been a wonderful post except for
>the fact that you found it necessary to denigrate
>Joe Childs.

You mean by calling him "I am not a sucker" Joe?
It was a tongue-in-cheek statement that easily can
elude someone who has single-digit IQ, such as you

If you know HOW to look up the archives, you'll
see in BOTH my post in reply to Joe's post on the
subject which he titled "I am not a sucker", and
my reply to Ray Jones on his "final BS" post, that
Joe Child was anything BUT a sucker, about the
HyperAqualand WATCH, as evidenced by the FACTS he
correctly stated and I clearly stated in those
posts why he was the only one in those threads who
had a clue, and FACTS, that coincided with what I
said were the CONDITIONS for SERVICE (at the ONLY
Service Center in the US, NOT at Ray Jone's shop,
or ANY Authorized or Unauthorized DEALERSHIP of
the HyperAqualand watch) to keep the Manufacturer
Warranty in force.

For THAT watch, an Authorized DEALERSHIP is NOT an
Authroized Service Center for the same watch!

If you EVER dishes out $250-$300 for that watch,
you are an IDIOT not to pay attention to what has
been posted a DOZEN times about those two lines.

It was the REST of the you-know-whos who were
about the HyperAqualand price and warranty
conditions about the watch, and his LIES about
how he wouldn't service one still in warranty
after Joe Child's post that exposed his MIS-INFO
about warranty conditions -- and was caught with
his pants down because he:

1. Worked on the ONLY one HyperAqualand he has
   ever worked on (while it was UNDER WARRANTY,
   contrary to his lie that he would NOT work on
   any HA still under warranty) but in so doing,

2. INVALIDATED the Manufacturer's 5-year Warranty
   on that watch, AND

3. He tried to sell THAT watch as "new" to ME and
   to anybody in Scuba-L, while it was NOT NEW,
   and no longer had any of the Manufacturer's
   5-year Warranty!

REVIEW the archives and see if you can find
ANYTHING in (1)-(3) that is FACTUALLY incorrect.

YOU and the rest of the NOISE MAKERS were the

I do recall Ray making more noise, AFTER I've
already been in Coz, implying that I should
apologize to him, in reply to something Strike
had said about "apologizing".  Ray, review YOUR
posts (of course you DON'T KNOW HOW).  There are
at least a DOZEN apologies waiting for YOU to
make.  ;-)

>  when you get back to the states I'll bet you
>  one US dollar that you can't go a week on
>  this list without calling somebody names,

Why wait till I get back?  Dan Crawford, you
have repeatedly PROVEN yourself to be an IDIOT!

-- Bob.

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