Hi all,

This information is a year old, but when I first dived the Blue Hole someone
had died the day before and the family had to wait about a week before they
could get a tech diver in with the right mixed air to pick up the body.
Yuck.  The diving industry in Dahab has blossomed quite a bit in the last
year though, so am unsure of the amount of mixed air diving facilities now

Who's on hour 14 of her shift that doesn't end for another 3 hours - if I'm

PS -Huw, you're added onto my links page, and I've just put up a travel tale
up from my weekend trip to Brugge

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>Subject: Re: A diving accident in the Blue Hole - Dahab,Red Sea.
>Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 21:09:05 -0400
>Kuty <[log in to unmask]> Wrote:
><sorry tale snipped>
> >>they went 2 days after to recover his buddy.
>Hi Kuty - when I was in Sharm, I was told they have so many people going
>beyond their limits in the Blue Hole, they keep a couple of trimix divers
>Dahab with the specific job of recovering the bodies.  :-(  Is this true?
>(Or is this standard in diving resorts?)
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