Hugh Huntzinger wrote:

> > In reading this week's posts, unfortunately, it appears that the recent
> > pattern of hostility and denigration of list members appears to be
> > back up again.
> > Question:  do we as a group wish for this to continue, or would we
prefer to
> > not have it at all?

To which Michael Levy responded:

> Tools exist to easily deal with it individually since it is a single
> source... use one's mailer to extract the source. I filter them to a
> different folder (trash?).

> In my view rather than try to change the beast... we need to change our
> reaction to it!  I have and it has upped my enjoyment of the list
> If those who get picked on were to filter the post away we would ALL
> have a clean list. I suggest that they should try the filter route...
> then we would have a very clean list.

I find Michael's response to be the correct answer.  I do not support
censorship in any way, shape or form.  Seeing and hearing things we may not
appreciate is the price we pay for the right to say and hear what we do
want.  In my opinion, the price is nominal in relation to the benefits.  Not
only will I not support exclusion from the list for any infraction other
than blatant spamming from an anonimous server, I will actively resist such
action at every opportunity.  Let each post and each read what he/she
choses.  My delete key is sufficient protection for me.

While readers are welcome to chose to divert posts to their trash file, this
is not normally my choice either.  Only on rare occasions, have I
permanently diverted posts from a single individual to my trash file.
There's only one individual's name in my kill file at the moment.  There are
several spammer addresses.    I chose this course only for those who never
provide useful information and never cause me to think my opinions through
more completely.  Nobody on this list presently meets these criteria.
Everyone contributes something sometimes and everyone makes me rethink my
own opinions regularly.