Harry, Quinn F wrote:

> > Carl wrote:
> >  ... I always suggest
> > for new divers to "learn" just how much bouyancy they can
> > swim downward against.  You can do this one of 2 ways.  Invert yourself
and start
> > swimming downward.  Keep Inflating your BC until you can no longer
> > comfortably maintain your position in the water column.

> Please pardon my uneducated (and unsolicited) question here.  That sounds
> pretty dangerous to a new diver.  What's to prevent panic and an
> uncontrolled ascent?
> Just wondering.... Quinn

I think Carl left out a lot of things that might explain how this could be
done safely.  Many of us fall victim to the same mistake by assuming that
what we take for granted is equally obvious to others.  Doing this drill in
a pool with less than half a breath of air should be pretty safe.  Doing it
at the end of a deep dive might be real foolish.  While I think what Carl
suggested can be done safely, I do not favor his method (I haven't seen way
number 2 yet, so may be redundant here).  I prefer to see how much weight I
can lift when otherwise neutrally buoyant.  If I can lift weight up, I can
hold buoyancy down.  If you're neutrally buoyant to start, dropping the
weight you're lifting is not problematic unless, of course, you're dropping
a hard weight on the bottom of a pool.  Further, lifting weight can be done
without a tank, eliminating the risk of a lung expansion injury even if
everything comes apart at once.  Hopefully, I don't have to say that you
hold the weight rather than fasten it to yourself.