Oh for Pete's sake.  I've never seen so much beating around the bush.  Did I
miss some recent flame war or are we whining about Bob again?  I thought he
was in Cozumel.

Cite some specific examples, tell him what you think directly, or figure out
how to filter your mail.

Or better yet, if you really want some peace, take up a collection and buy the
Feesh a one-way ticket to someplace warm and watery where there aren't any
internet cafes ;-)  I'm sure he'd be happy to oblige.


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> In reading this week's posts, unfortunately, it appears that the recent
> pattern of hostility and denigration of list members appears to be starting
> back up again.
> Question:  do we as a group wish for this to continue, or would we prefer to
> not have it at all?

Is it really solvable in an open environment like this?
We all know the problem stems from a single source who now has more
time than ever to contribute.  :-)
Repeated requests to desist have failed... will clear rules make any
difference, I doubt it.... it is the nature of the beast!

Tools exist to easily deal with it individually since it is a single
source... use one's mailer to extract the source. I filter them to a
different folder (trash?).
I have done that over the last several months.... I don't see any of it
save for those who respond with quoted sections... del key works for

Quite honestly I have missed nothing of quality, which seems on
analysis to have become less with age and the increased available time
of the subscriber... interesting factoid. ;-)

The pity is that the subscriber is/was a valuable diving resource......
I have found any recent pearls have been quoted by other's and so I
have been able to glean them in a clean second hand environment.

In my view rather than try to change the beast... we need to change our
reaction to it!
I have and it has upped my enjoyment of the list immensely.

If those who get picked on were to filter the post away we would ALL
have a clean list. I suggest that they should try the filter route...
then we would have a very clean list.

Maybe he will then have to go and play in Rec.Scuba.  ;-)

Divers know the true meaning of peace of mind.