Lee Bell wrote:
> > > I guess I owe you an apology.
> > Apology accepted.  Just don't let it happen again!

HUGE snip!


Currently we have what I would call a highly embarrassing thread on this
list as to whether we, it would appear, should police the posts of one
of our members. Bob doesn't happen to be either of you.

Please kiss and make up (privately)? This bitta flaming is definitely
not needed right now.

For the record _I_ don't believe that _anyone_ should be policed on a
list like this one and I've had my share of flames from Bob (some, not
all, well deserved).

Someone _very correctly_ said "don't necessarily respond to a flame".
That's exactly what _I_ did quite recently when there were some pretty
hurtful, sometimes spiteful, etc posts on this Forum about a certain
article I wrote.

Sometimes it's just not worthwhile defending yourself. Just let it pass.

Sometimes (not necessarily in my example above) there is no need to
defend yourself. Think on't.