What REAL information were you looking for Carol?

My experience is that DUI is generally worth the extra money although for
general recreational diving I would recommend their trilaminate suits over
the crushed neoprene for a long list of reasons already discussed here. I
don't know what compressed neoprene you are talking about...Northern Divers?
I would go a step further and say that the custom fitted suits are also
worth the extra money unless a stock suit fits you ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY.

If you intend to beat the living tar out of your suit the crushed neoprene
is a good choice.  For example, if you are pulling yourself through wrecks
hand over hand or doing lots of climbing over sharp rocks.  But if your
diving style doesn't normally involve a lot of suit abbrasion then I would
recommend a trilaminate suit.  They are much lighter, dry MUCH faster, are
easier to pack, and faster to swim in.   I have a DUI CF200 but my next suit
will be a DUI trilaminate suit.  The trilaminate suits are especially good
for warmer water diving because you can wear light fleece or polypro and
stay warm and streamlined.

Kent Lind
Juneau, Alaska

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Hi folks,

Got to go back to the original thread here because I was awaiting some real
info about dry suits but didn't seem to get it - unless, of course, I missed
it :-)

My membrane dry suit, Polar Bear, had developed a difficult to trace leak
and then on Sunday the zip broke.    I fear that this is the beginning of
the end and I will have to shell out (geddit?) for a new one!

I really like the look of the DUI - crushed neoprene as opposed to
compressed neoprene but is it really worth the extra 200 UKP?

Bear in mind that our diving is in water which can reach to toasty temps of
13C ie 55F after a long hot summer :-)