We had a similar experience in the Sea of Cortez a few years back.  A group of dolphins were playing in the wake of the boat.  I had to be physically restrained from jumping in to join them.

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Hi Steven,

I can't say if it's rare or not.   However, we just had a similar thing
happen to us during our trip Galapagos in March.  We were out in the
dive panga to get a closer look at a pod of pseudo-orca when a group of
dolphins *and* sea lions show up to play in the bow wake.  It was
amazing...they were less than a couple of meters away.

Best regards,

Steven Catron wrote:
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> > As I watched the surfers, a pod of 8 dolphins came into the beach and
> started
> > to surf the breaks about 50 meters off shore. This was pure magic!! All 8
> of
> > the dolphins surfed one wave together much to the delight of two board
> riders
> > who were on the same wave. The dolphins then caught 2 more waves then
> moved off
> > to the north.
> Sounds like quite a sight!  They're incredible creatures, aren't they?  So
> graceful and carefree...
> Incidentally, Australia was the first place I've ever observed them in the
> wild.  As we were approaching Lizard Island on the Undersea Explorer, the
> first mate came down below telling us there was something off the bow that
> we didn't want to miss.  I hurried up top and there they were:  a pod of ten
> or so surfing our bow waves and frolicking around.  I filmed a bit, then we
> noticed something happening off our port bow.  Dark shapes, larger than the
> dolphins, were hurtling along just under the surface toward the pod.  I
> thought an attack was imminent, but the newcomers just didn't want to miss
> out on the fun.  They were a pod of false pilot whales, and both groups
> stayed with us for another five minutes, playing and showing off.
> The captain, who's retiring soon, told us he's never seen this happen
> before.  Is it really that rare?
> Steven
Ed Graves
Puget Sound, Washington