> Indeed, and thanks for the thanks. The capacity of the bite is still a
> moot point it seems although it has to be said that the child was only
> two years old.

Well, even a teo-year-old's foot is a heck of a lot wider than an eralobe or
a little finger :-)

> As an aside I just wonder what a two year old is
> _apparently_ doing unsupervised in the ocean such that a snake can wrap
> itself around her leg and inflict multiple incisions.

She was on the beach, wasn't she ?

> Surely the little
> girl would have cried out immediately?

That's what the story read like she did!

> Incidentally, most of _my_ research came from the Google site:
> <>
> of which I am quite a fan.

as am I. It's the greatest search engine around!