Hi Christian,

Christian Gerzner wrote:
> Lee Bell wrote:
> >
> > > > I guess I owe you an apology.
> > > Apology accepted.  Just don't let it happen again!
> HUGE snip!

OUCH!  Just kidding - you missed!

> Guys,

That's sexist...  you should have said "Guys and Gals" or "Gals and
or "Gualys" or "Gauyls"

> Currently we have what I would call a highly embarrassing thread on this
> list as to whether we, it would appear, should police the posts of one
> of our members. Bob doesn't happen to be either of you.

Embarrasing to who?  I'm not embarrased.  Of course, with the exception
this remark I also haven't contributed to the thread - a waste of
if you ask me.  Learn with the "d" key is if you don't like something
live with it.  Also learn to sift out the "I've been diving for a
dives before your ancient neanderthal relatives even thought about using
rebreathers" kind of garbage from the real information.

> Please kiss and make up (privately)? This bitta flaming is definitely
> not needed right now.

HAHAHAHA...  sorry, no.

> For the record _I_ don't believe that _anyone_ should be policed on a
> list like this one and I've had my share of flames from Bob (some, not
> all, well deserved).

Ya gotta learn to live with it.  Deserved or not, don't take it
personally.  Would you fight everyone who called you a sissy or would
you simply say "yea, right" and walk away?  Ok, so you MIGHT not walk
away right at the beginning but would you stay and fight or would you
realize that it's time to go diving, or time to go play with your
kids, or anything else far more valuable than squabbling?

> Someone _very correctly_ said "don't necessarily respond to a flame".
> That's exactly what _I_ did quite recently when there were some pretty
> hurtful, sometimes spiteful, etc posts on this Forum about a certain
> article I wrote.

When your ego get injured or attacked the quick reaction is always to
counter attack.  Sometimes it's just easier to say "YAWN" and forget it.

> Sometimes it's just not worthwhile defending yourself. Just let it pass.

This is good advise.

> Sometimes (not necessarily in my example above) there is no need to
> defend yourself. Think on't.

Yeppers - my feeling exactly.  When anyone looses sight on the original
topic and begins to go WILDLY off track, such as resorting to using
own "time in the sport" as some type of hypothetical yardstick of either
how good they are or how knowledgable they are it's time to ignore it,
which is exactly what I've decided to do.

That, coupled with the fact that my work days have been longer than
most people could imagine means that I just don't have the time for
these things.