J.M. Vitoux wrote:

> I wish I could take more time and be constructive in my answer.
> In short, any attempt to censor/kick out Bob of the list through
> any kind of moderation/vote will see me leave scuba-l ont the
> spot.IMO, this should only apply in case of spamming a la Jim Morris.

I've considered a similar action, but not at quite such an early stage and,
as yet, I'm not comitted to any specific course of action.  I would have to
consider whether I wanted to be part of a group that would exclude someone
just because his posting style or content displeased others.  In my case,
however, the atempt could not be sufficient.  It would have to be sucessful
to make me even consider leaving a list I enjoy as much as I do this one.
I'm not sure I'd leave even if the group did exclude someone on this basis,
but I'd certainly consider it.

Bob and I have a long history.  Sometimes we disagree, sometimes we don't.
The fact that I continue to deal with him at all should suggest that I find
value in his presence.  Sometimes Bob thinks I argue with everything he
says, but that's his misperception.  He just hasn't noticed that I refrain
from any comment when I agree with him.  I see little point in adding "me
toos" to things I think are adequately addressed already or that some of my
apparent disagreements are nothing more than a request for clarification.
Taken as a whole, I probably agree with Bob many times more often than I