> Now this is truly subject to opinion.  Mine is that any water that requires
> a suit of any kind is cold and any water that requires more than a 3mm
> wetsuit is too cold . . . for me . . . so far.  Sorry about all those folks
> who live where all diving requires more thermal protection than I use on
> dives in the coldest water.

If you're looking for extremes... I once did a dive at Nubble Light
in Maine in (ONLY!) my SSA Vega Polartec suit.  It was a warm
day at Nubble (51 deg) but I did get chilly after about 40 minutes.

I wore my 3 mm suit while diving in the Channel Islands with
Terry Lee May - again, 51-55 degree water and I was nice and
*toasty*, however, there were people on board wearing dry suits
who were sitting out dives because they were too cold.  It was
only a 2 day trip so we only got 7 dives in.

I haven't found a "limit" for my 3mm suit, however, with a dry
suit I also have no reason to even attempt to find one at this
point :^)