Hello, while we are on the subject of night diving I thought this would be a
great opportunity to tell yall about one of my dives that left my wetsuit
soiled. 8^)

I think I've told this story before on scuba-L but its worth retelling. I'm
too lazy to go get out my logbook this far back but the facts are basically
the same. I might be off in the EXACT depth or EXACT time of the dive but
everything else is as close to fact as I can recall.

I need to set the stage.

Here on the Gulf Coast of Florida we do alot of spearfishing. I know this is
frowned on in some parts of the world but in these parts its accepted and
most people do it.

On our night dives when we are spearfishing we will tie a cyalume on the buoy
weight and put another one inside of an antifreeze jug. This way when we
throw the buoy over we have a light on the bottom and another one on top
inside the jug which acts like a soft beacon in the water. We will roll off
of the boat and not turn on our lights and swim over to the buoy line and
grab it in one hand and follow it all the way to the bottom. You are
descending into pitch black darkness until you see the other light come into
view. You get set up for the shot before you turn on your light and you have
a few seconds to shoot before everything scatters. I know this sounds crazy
but this is what we do.

ON this particular night it was about 1 am or so and I was about 15 miles or
more offshore the best I can remember and in about 115 to 120 feet of water.
I was diving solo and when I rolled off of the boat I hit the water at an
angle that shot water into my mask sudsing up my baby shampoo that I use for
defog. My fall had taken me several feet down so I went ahead and took off my
mask to clear out the suds when all of a sudden something grabbed my face and
SUCKED... I screamed through my regulator knowing that my face had been taken
off. As I in a panic felt for open wounds on my face and finding none I
anxiously cleared my mask and then fought to find my damn light switch!!!

I was breathing like a freight train and when I finally got my light turned
on I saw a Remora!!!!!!   I started laughing, came to the surface got my
composer, swam over to the buoy and found the line and then started my

Folks, I don't mind telling you my air consumption that night sucked and
since then I've hated these fish.

I hope this will open up other night time stories. I know this is alittle off
of the 1st time night dive but all the same it is a dive I'll remember the
rest of my life.

I've got several more night dive stories but I know alot more of you out
there have got some. We might have already heard them but we have several new
members on the list so lets retell them.

Take care,