Just a brief note here...

> >He went for the dive with 8 KG of weghits and arround 45 KG
> >of camera equipment using a normal BC that was not working
> >very good.

First, 45 kg of camera equipment sounds like an AWFUL lot.
That's close to 100 lbs.  Typical video setups run around
25 lbs or so.  Even if I added my twin mongo video lights
which give me about 500 watts of light that would only add
about 45 lbs, bringing the total to 70 or so.  I am
unaware of many people that dive with a setup like this.

But, and this is the key point... WEIGHT - that is - out of
water weight, has almost NOTHING to do with bouyancy.  What
is needed is the bouyancy of this equipment.  My 70 lbs
of equipment is probably about 15 lbs or so negatively
bouyant - *definitely* less than 20 lbs negative.  I KNOW
for a fact that if I only had that equipment that even
*IF* I was 20 lbs negative (assuming that my body is
neutral and it's not, it's a bit positive) I CAN swim
upward against 20 lbs of neg bouyancy.  At least to
give me enough time to unclip some of my video