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>From: "James Campbell
>> Well, I found when I was in Alsace that any attempt on my part to speak
>> French was welcomed.
>I had a similar experience living in Strasbourg for a summer (the
>Strasbourgeois said they have a reputation throughout France for speaking
>veerrry slooowly. Is this true, Christophe?).

Very true, indeed. Their accent is caricaturally described as a mix between
Belgian and Swiss accents (both of which considered very slow ways of
speaking), with a little German sounding. Very slow indeed. I think their
kindness can be due to the presence of the European Parliament in
Strasbourg, making it very easy to meet foreigners.

 People were all over it
>(dude); friendly, eager to be of assistance (even *allude* to the cathedral
>and you have a friend for life)... Of course, my French pronunciation is
>impeccable ;) so I even managed to get served in Paris with minimal amounts
>of contempt.

Being served in Paris is not that difficult, considering the fact that
serving tourists is the main way to make benefit. It's when you want to
talk to the average man on the street (to ask your way for instance) that
the troubles begin.

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