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>That's a reference to Douglas Hofstadter's exceptional book _Gödel, Escher,
>Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid_, and it isn't really a description of
>Gödel's Theorem, although in some sense it's analogous. The basic idea of
>the theorem is that, for any formal system, there are true theorems such
>that the system cannot determine whether they are true or false.

Hey, what's funny about this is that currently on French TV there is a
commercial for Multimania which uses the Gödel's Theorem :) . Actually, it
is in the amphitheater of a college where students are silently working on
the Gödel's theorem in front of a professor. Suddenly one of the students
shouts: "Err... But, what's the Gödel's theorem really?". Of course, the
teacher is badly surprised. After a few seconds of silence, another student
answers: "Well, it's a theorem about undecidable systems". Again, the
teacher is shocked at death. Finally, a few seconds more and a girl says:
"Well, if you want I have all the doc you need for it". And it ends with an
off-voice saying: "If that's your vision of life, come to us, it happens to
be ours too". Not a very good commercial (the second one is much better)
but that's funny that they're using this theorem and that suddenly we talk
about it here (because of one of my posts :)) ). Coincidences...

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