Marcus Smith wrote:

> Danny Wier:
> > (And for one thing, I can't get passed the use of the letter V as
> > a vowel in transcribed Cherokee

> Choctaw used to do this as well, but it has been conventionalized
> as the upsilon you noted above.  Apparently you aren't the only one
> to dislike it. :-)

Yeah. The sentence "chim iti tvpa micha chi tvbi vt sv hopulhvli hoka"
was a real chore until I realized that the v's were vowels. :)

> Three vowels: a, i, o. Each one can be phonemically short, long or
> nasal. (Schwa is short a, written with upsilon; long i is sometimes
> written with <e>).

I read in Pam Munro's article that traditionally short o's often were
represented by <u>.