On Tue, 30 May 2000, James Chandler wrote:

> No, but you seem to be suffering from the same problem as Pierpaolo: you
> have learnt Eng as an eye-language, ...

You have certainly noticed that in this mailing list we use written
English.  We are not speaking, we write.  We don't hear, we read.

> ... and you lack certain native-speaker
> intuitions that it is very difficult for the forener to pick up.

So, to understand what you write, one must pronunce it?  Sorry, I don't
have the time for this.

> By 'rime' i meant what you have learnt by eye as 'rhyme', which is a
> ridiculous spelling for the same word

Like most of English.  Why pick on this single word?


Shteletiston oni batas, shtelegiston oni shatas.