Petry self-contradicts:
>Your analysis above is incorrect. And, Sr. Hartwig is incorrect. The two words
>are not synonymous.
>They have different meanings as anyone could easily find by looking at the
>Radicardium and comparing the comparable words in the other languages
>listed. It
>would be better to try and understand Occidental with Occidental rules than
>Esperanto programming and rules, and a partial list of words from the
>There is a reason the author uses have and posedent instead of have and
>posede or

As the subject says, if I have to study the Radicardium to find out the
subtle differences in semantics caused by slight differences in endings,
then all of the claims of "at sight readability" are pure and absolute
balderdash.  Those with a grade school education are not going to have read
the Radicardium, Bob, and likely are not GOING to read the Radicardium at
some time in the future.  So someone will have to TEACH the difference
between these forms.  And that means that Occidental is, just like
Esperanto and Interlingua, a language to be studied and learned.

Now O. might be easier than E. to learn with a good teacher (which you on
this forum are not proving to be, since you go out of your way to frustrate
and turn off people who pose questions).  But that is not what you claim -
you claim that you don't need a teacher OR a textbook or a Radicarium -
that passage is supposed to be "at sight readable" to an
elementary-educated audience, and the words are supposed to be clearly
understandable in the context, just as you wrote immediately above:
>If what you are saying is true, just on a simple
>personal basis, how come I could understand all this stuff you say the average
>american would have trouble with? Your "dubious" and "suspect" is the
>dubious and
>suspect item. Put these words in simple sentences where they are supposed
>to be,
>and most will come out just fine.

But now only if you've read the Radicarium, apparently.

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