At 02:02 PM 5/28/2000 -0400, Don Ward wrote:
>Hey gang,
>My dive group (Freedom Divers.  Our motto:  Dive Free or Die!) is probably
>going to the Bay Islands (Honduras, Caribbean side) for our January trip.
>Some of us have been there before.  This time we are thinking of Utila as
>the Island.  Can anyone tell me how the whale shark sightings are that time
>of the year.  I know January is the end of the rainy season.  Also, does
>anyone know when is the best time for whale sharks in the Bay Islands?

I was there over July 4th one year and was told that it was the worst time
of the year for Whale Sharks.

The Utila Lodge had their own generators and therefore had 24 hour power.
The normal power on the island (at the time) went off at 11 PM, except that
if the generator failed after 9:00 PM, the power company guy wouldn't
bother to go and restart it.

>Seems like someone once told me that September/October was the best time,
>but I don't know where I got that info, much less if it is accurate.

>All input is appreciated.

The diving was interesting but the area around the island was really
overfished and overanchored.  Also, the local PADI instructor did a course
in three days where he did confined water and then open water and then
classroom so that you could fly home the next day. :-)  At the time, the
only outfit I would have considered using was the Utila Lodge.

I have no idea if there are other places that are any better.

And, by the way, getting there is half the fun.  And more than half the
adventure.  I recall my ride back.  The Utila Lodge folks had bribed the
airport guy to reserve seats for us because the planes on the first leg
back were so overbooked.  He brought in an extra four seater and our party
of three got the plane.  I was largest, so I sat in the co-pilot's seat.

Me: "Excuse me, but why is this gauge pointing all the way into the red?"

Pilot:  "Oh, don't worry, that does not matter," he said, adjusting the
mixture so that the cylinder head temperature would come down into normal
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