>You should have no prob with a dive that deep.  Go for it!! With only 10
>dives under my belt, I dove to 120 ft. in Cozumel.  No problem!! Have

Whoa, was this in response to the planned 27m  dive in 8degC water with 1m
vis ? If so then you shouldn't be so keen on encouraging people to risk
their lives (as you may have done).

For example, I had been out of cold water / drysuit for nearly a year so
started this season with a 17m / 9m pair of dives. I probably won't go much
below the above planned dive on my next dipping - then I'll pretty much be
back to normal :-)

Wrecks are great but the better ones are normally deeper (less wave action
to pound them), 27m is not a particularly deep wreck but should certainly
be approached with caution in the above environment. Personally I don't
think I would bother with a 1m vis dive, you really would need to be on a
buddy line & I really don't like using them, I don't like the restriction.

Not that I wanna be a party pooper, my first ever dive was 23m, but that
was in clear warm water.


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