David Strike wrote:
> On Tuesday, May 30, 2000 12:11 AM, Quinn H, wrote:
> > Seems the ranting and raving about the greatness of Scuba-SE left out a
> very
> > important point:   24X7 availability.
> I don't recall reading any "ranting and raving about  the greatness of
> Scuba-SE".

You are right Strike but I might just start to rave and rant if
you want. Scuba-se just feels like home. Enough for
raving/ranting? :-)

> > Based on my attempts to access it last week, and today, it would appear
> the
> > server is only available six days a week, and not on Sundays (or at least
> a
> > major portion therof). Most likely due to system backups and maintenance
> > windows (or it's *travel day*).  ;-)
> Perhaps the list server just didn't like your attitude.  I can relate to
> that.  I don't like your attitude either!

I know that there was some lag due to scuba-se  first exceeding
its daily limit of 50 and then 100 posts respectively.