Lauren Stratil wrote:
> You should have no prob with a dive that deep.  Go for it!! With
> only 10 dives under my belt, I dove to 120 ft. in Cozumel.  No
> problem!! Have fun!!

As someone already mentioned, 120' in CZM is one thing.  Cold water and
limited viz can make even some shallow dives uncomfortable.  One
of my most "scary" dives was to 145' in a cold quarry with < 5m vis.
It was almost equally scary to 120' at the same place (my OW checkout
dive).  In CZM you can most often see the surface, or at least the light
from way down under.  Not so on a more "typical" dive.

Even a 90' dive in Destin where I first did deco was a little unsettling
since the viz was only about 5-10m and on this particular
dive I missed the anchor line and had to free-float the deco.

I'd much rather do 200+ feet in CZM (up to the O2 Tox limit) on air than
a plain vanilla flat, no-deco dive in low-viz cold-water.  I've
done it before, and would do it again, but certainly not for the hell of
it.  There had better be something damned interesting down there!

Jeff Kell <[log in to unmask]>