Don Ward wrote:

> Travis and Sherry mentioned air consumption.  Like all divers, in my early
> diving days I had a problem with air consumption.  I think guys are more
> sensitive to this issue thus try harder and compound the problem.  I used
> to try all sorts of things to breath properly and save air.  My reward was
> terrible headaches on top of bad air consumption.  I found that my air
> consumption did not improve until I stopped thinking about it.   With time
> you will relax and before you know it you will be breathing naturally and
> you air consumption will go down dramatically.  Now I am engrossed in the
> dive looking for critters.  I now have great air consumption and give it no
> thought.  And, btw, I am proof that conditioning has nothing to do with it.
> :)  It is all about being relaxed and that only comes with time and
> experience.

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> My advice is to stop thinking about the air consumption and just enjoy the
> dive.  With time ( and it really doesn't take a lot of time) your air
> consumption will be up there with the pros.

Thanks, Don. That is exactly the way I wanted to put it, but you just said it
MUCH clearer.



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