On Thursday, June 01, 2000 11:50 AM, Ted Phelps wrote:

> I was also an air pig at first, and I tried a number of things, counting
> five while exhaling, etc.  The one that seems to work well for me is
> consciously exhaling slowly through the nose.  You can even count it out
> 5 or even 7.  Try to do it until it becomes automatic.  At that point you
> will not be concentrating so much and your breathing will automatically
> down.  I'm sure others have their own methods, but that worked for me.

Any attempt to control or regulate breathing patterns is potentially
hazardous and is never to be reccomended.

For most people new to diving, gas consumption will improve dramatically as
they gain in confidence and learn how to become one with the environment.
Physical fitness is another key attribute.

> Insofar as being exhausted after two or three dives, one answer is NITROX.
> "Go down longer, come up stronger".  This will really help and while you
> won't consciously notice a difference, you will most likely be less tired.

Usually only if you limit your nitrogen exposure by diving the air tables!

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