Welah list,

I'm searching for some tips.

Object: There is the wreck of an old ship that lies at a depth of about 27
meters (81 fts) in "my" pool's waters.
My certification (SSI O.W.) is only 2 y.o. and I have only 21 dives on my
shoulders (did the 21st last saturday).
Well the problem is here: do you think is possible for a newbie dive so deep
in a safe way ?

Add the following to the question:
viz (at -27 mt) will be not more than a meter (~3 fts);
water temp (at -27 mt) will be around 8-10;
my diving experience is not very deep;
my curiosity is stronger than the fear;
I am a person that 'normally' does not runs a risk.

Curiosity killed the cat: I wouldn't like to have this proverb as epitaph on
my tomb.

Well folks, please give me your opinion.