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>On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Robert Hailman wrote:
>> Maybe. I've got a word meaning "some time", and it's a pronoun, so I
>> feel that "at some time" would be that word put in the same case as
>> nouns in preposition phrases beginning with the preposition equivalent
>> to the English use of "at" pertaining to time.
>Hmm.  Sounds intersting.  How does a pronoun meaning "some time" work?

I guess, just like Moten uses pronouns for "this, that, yon place" and
"this, that, yon time". Their declined versions are often used adverbially
to mean "here", there, from here, now, then, etc..." but they can even be
used adjectivally (their genitives in fact) like purely spatial or temporal
demonstratives (like "the house of that time").

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