My name's Chris Sundita...and 20 years old... Kristian Jensen talks
about this group once in a while in the WIKA board, so I thought I'd
check it out. :)

I'm bilingual in English and Tagalog... And I know French & Spanish
really well.. I've also studied Japanese, Portuguese, and some others...
I studied Esperanto when I was 14.. but I rarely use it anymore... I do
have a bit of linguistc background, though I have had no formal
education in the field.. yet.

I'm currently interested in studying the languages of the Philippines..

I've not made a conlang, yet.. but I think that it's something I
could do in my spare time... It's also something that I've wanted to
do.. But I do
have an idea on what kind of conlang I want.  I do cartooning (real
amateur).. and I think I can integreate conlangs with that.. who knows?

I sometimes post on sci.lang on usenet... and Padraic Brown is only
name here I recognize from there..

Well, I'll just sit back and see what I can learn from you guys...and
maybe participate. heh