On 9 May, Douglas Koller wrote:

>From: "Barry Garcia"
>> Question: What is "new wine"? I've never been able to figure it out.
>It's also called "must", and my understanding is that it is grape juice
>prior to or in the initial stages of fermentation

    In the Talmud, there is a reference to "new wine" as opposed
to "old wine". The "new wine" could be referring to what you are talking
or even "young" wine that has yet to age. In any event, what _is_ clear
 from the context is that "new" wine was considered inferior in quality
 to "old" (or aged) wine.

> "Must", however, can also
>refer to the pulp and skins left over after crushing
>(which I imagine could
>make an interesting sort of compote [which {compote, that is}, when
>fermented, is known deceptively in these parts as "friendship cup" --

I'll drink (er, eat) to that!  :-)

Dan Sulani
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