On 11 May, Barry Garcia wrote:

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>>  Poor creature has a bad reputation with that kinda name!
>>And considerin' it has been around longer than most other animals,
>>it's a shame.
>>    I was wondering if this seems to be common practise in other
>>languages -
>>natlangs and conlangs - to use a word meaning "lazy/laziness" to mean the
>>(demean) the animal?  Are there any exceptions to this nasty libel &
>>defamation of the sloth character???
They really dont do much other
>than look for food, and swim when they have to.

    I knew it reminded me of something!
OK guys: Henceforth, the word for this magnificent,
if slow, beast in rtemmu will be  "vkeshn"!

Dan Sulani (looking forward to his [the time, not the animal :-)] )

likehsna rtem zuv tikuhnuh auag inuvuz vaka'a.

A word is an awesome thing.