Nik Taylor wrote:

> Adrian Morgan wrote:
> > These people certainly are very extreme! But it is true that
> > their wine was _weakly_ alcoholic, compared to modern wine.
> > Also that wine was much more important than it is here and
> > now because of problems of water quality.
> Frequently mixed with water, in fact.

The Romans considered it barbaric to drink wine *without* water mixed in.

> > Now I *am* opposed to the idea of wine at communion, unless
> > grape juice is also available, because I am opposed to
> > anything which makes it morally (or legally) awkward to
> > serve communion to children.
> Aren't religious usages an exemption to the laws?  If not, then it's at
> least an unenforced law!

But they don't make exceptions for selling the stuff.  Some of the blue
laws here in Texas are really arcane:  on Sundays, in Travis County, you
can only buy beverages below a certain alcohol content (beer and below)
basically, past a particular time in the day (1 PM, I think).  But it varies;
there are still lots of East Texas counties that're dry, so I hear.

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